Training Courses

The knowledge that Engineering graduates posses about CAD/CAE software is limited and very basic in nature, while the industry is in need of people who have deep understanding and knowledge about the latest technologies and their application in their area of work, making it difficult for the students just graduated from colleges to penetrate in to these job markets. COPES offers customised courses designed keeping in mind this gap between industry standards and knowledge that students possess, and have worked out a training model that will impart students not just with theoretical knowledge and understanding of the software features and use, but also enrich them with in-depth domain specific knowledge of software applications in the industry. This will help them put their knowledge to work right from day one in the company. The proof of that lies in the list of companies where our students are placed and the appreciation being received from such clients. We are authorized training partners of Altair and our certificates are embedded with Altair and COPES logos carries lot of weight and is recognized in the industry. COPES is equipped with training on licensed software, domain specific insights and software applications learnt through a unique blend of practical and theoretical courses will give you an edge over others and help you kick start your career on a high pedestal.


Working Professionals

For Working professionals who are looking for an opportunity to make a career in the exciting design and R&D area, COPES provides an unmatched platform to not only learn the industry best practices but to also interact with our industry experts and take valuable insights on the trends and opportunities. The learners are also given the opportunity to work with our consulting group on various live projects, providing rich experience and exposure to what lies forward in their careers.

Corporate Training

COPES offers customised training programmes specially suited for the corporate clients. We understand that each organization has unique training requirements and challenges based on their product portfolio. In today's dynamically changing environment, retaining and scaling skilled design manpower is always a key concern and bottleneck in the industry.

Our experts work with your HR/Design/Management to put together a program that is customized for your specific requirements. We not only offer skill assessment services to identify the current skills gaps, but also offer structured training and staff augmentation services to our clients to help them with their manpower requirements.

For more comprehensive details on our training programs, please click on the course name below. Please feel free to call us to arrange a personal appointment

Modules - CAE

Module-1: Softwaretool skills (In combination with tools likeHyperMesh, Optistruct/Nastran/LS Dyna/Radios, HyperView/Patran)

Module-2: Engineering fundamental and application (self-assignment, presentation and review based)

Module-3: Industrial(Automotive, aerospace and general Engineering applications) Projects training and execution (related to Strength/Stiffness/Durability/Vibration/Thermal/Optimisation/Composites / Crash)

Module-4: Industry and Subject matter expert interaction and training

Module-5: Personality development skills (3Hrs/week)

Job assistance and support will be given for eligible candidates.